Avoid Cor wheels (and these repackagers)

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Avoid Cor wheels (and these repackagers)

Postby Trinten » Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:13 pm

http://www.nagtroc.org/forums/index.php ... s-warning/

The short version - guy bought a set of Cor forged wheels, took it to a track event (non competition, not drag racing, more like slalom to what I can tell). Wheel bageled - center totally broke apart. Guy contacted Cor, sent him the wheels for the evaluation, they denied his warranty, changed their website, did not return his wheels, and ceased all communication with him. After 5 months, he finally took it to the internet, tons of attention now.

360 forged, dpe, strasse, and another handful of smaller companies all have something to do with them - so I'd say avoid them as well.

A few people in that thread pointed out that a lot of wheel makers are "boutique" wheels, and despite their claims, shouldn't be trusted for anything remotely sporty. If willing, feel free to read the thread and draw your own conclusions!

*Edited for more info on ISS: "Please leave ISS Forged out of this. We Manufacture our wheels in house. Our own CNC and Lathe using US made Forgings. We have different manufacturing and service practices and we have found that building our own wheels was the only way to control our product quality. We do buy some parts from COR when a customer is in a time crunch but the rest of our parts come from ARS and Triangle (Also US manufactures)."
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