Pontiac documented the wrong oil quantity in owners manual.

Pontiac documented the wrong oil quantity in owners manual.

Postby Trinten » Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:19 pm

I will be the first to admit that I don't come close to knowing 1/10 as much as some guys here and on PFF do, but I was surprised I had never read about this (lifted from a very short description in an unflattering "top ten" list of cars):

"The words Fiero and fire are inextricably linked, and not just for the obvious reason. If, in the mid-1980s, you were an unlucky owner of this 2-seater and you weren't diligent about changing the oil, drove aggressively and also ran out of oil, you might have ended up with a broken connecting rod. Oil might then spill all over the engine and send it up in flames. One theory about why the Fiero was such a firebox pointed to user error: Fiero drivers were riding the car hard and over-revving the engine. Another was a major oversight in the owner's manual, which called for three quarts of oil instead of the necessary 4.5."

Wow. Just wow.
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