Installing mods for the board

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Installing mods for the board

Postby Trinten » Tue Jun 12, 2012 12:55 pm

One of the great thing about phpBB is the ability to modify it, and there are tons of "Ready to go" mods out there already. A few I'll be installing, for fun and security.

I have one of the fun ones installed today. It will allow for "custom user titles" instead of the usual "registered user".

There are some restrictions for it. You have to be registered for 10 days, have at least 10 posts, and the character limit is 45 (I felt that was reasonable for a title).

What gave me the idea was NCFieroKids signature, so now he can put that as his custom title if he wants.

Any questions, or issues posting (since it did make changes to system permissions) please let me know!

Enjoy! :D
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