Changed the front hubs and bearing on my Towncar!

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Changed the front hubs and bearing on my Towncar!

Postby Trinten » Sat Aug 22, 2015 6:32 pm

So after the last time I had an alignment done (after my brakes and tie-rod ends were done a few months ago), I started noticing an odd groaning sound/vibration through the floor (note, it wasn't there before the alignment). It usually made itself known when I was gently turning right, typically when accelerating. When backing into my driveway (wheels straight) it was terribly noticable.

We thought it might be my hubs, so hit Rock Auto, bought some Timken hubs with the new bearings already pressed in (did you know Timken makes stuff in South Korea?) and today put them on.

it went pretty good! No major problems. I greased all the stuff I couldn't get to before. Like those bars that connect the sway bar to the suspension.

Only major hiccup was my grease gun broke, but I MacGyvered it with a paperclip and finished the job!
(now just hoping I torqued down those axle nuts enough, the ft/lbs torque wrench I rented was busted. Even on 25 pounds, and me putting my weight down on the bar with my foot, it never clicked).

Sadly, the damn noise is still there. So... thoughts? When they did the alignment they couldn't get it perfect, and couldn't explain why (they asked if my frame was bent); Chug suggested that my upper-control arm bushings are probably worn out, and that's what the issue is there - would that cause this groaning, too?

If it's "safe", then I won't worry about it, but I don't want any joints popping apart on me when I'm on the highway!

Would really rather not roll it into the stealership, and I don't know any good mechanics I trust out here in the Raleigh/Durham area.
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