Board rules - guidelines for posting and the Marketplace

Board Rules

Board rules - guidelines for posting and the Marketplace

Postby Trinten » Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:02 pm

Most of these should be common sense, but like any hobby/interest that exists on the internet, ours is also plagued with Trolls of various flavors. And beyond that, sometimes people just don't know. As incredible as it sounds, every day there are new people signing up on a forum for the first time ever, and might not know what's appropriate and what's not. We've all been there.

So here are the forum rules (which may be changed/updated without notice):

1. Please welcome all newcomers with friendly advice about how to find info & resources and help them get involved in our community.

2. Title new threads in a meaningful way so that the subject is obvious and easily searched. The key to others locating information in the future depends upon it

3. Be respectful of others: Personal attacks and insults will not be tolerated. If you don't agree with a post, focus your argument on the facts of that post, NOT the person who posted it. There is a common bond that brought each of us to this forum but, there is much diversity in experience, personal tastes, technical ability, etc., which will contribute to differing opinions. All opinions are welcome; disagreements and debates between members are expected on any forum, but we must insist that each member show respect when stating their opinion and respect other members' rights to their own opinions in return. Stalking, harassment or threats in posts can result in an immediate ban.

4. Report posts: Staff cannot possibly read all threads/posts, so we appreciate and rely on our members to help us keep the forum free of problem posts for you. Please REPORT spam, non-supporting vendor violations, insults & personal attacks, trolling, etc.. Please do not respond in a way that will create a greater problem. You may send a PM (with a link to the problem post please) to an Administrator or Moderator... or... click the REPORT POST icon attached to each post. This will send an immediate email alert to ALL forum staff, including a direct link to that post

5. Try not to 'hijack' threads: The subject of a thread is determined by the original poster. Interrupting that discussion is rude and makes it difficult to find posts that are pertinent to the thread topic.

6. Please exercise some restraint in posting material that could be considered indecent or inappropriate in topics that people may look at while at work (like tech threads). While I personally feel that if there is a possibility that you can get fired for looking at websites at work, maybe you shouldn't, I understand many people do. If created a thread with something risque, please mark it with NSFW in the title.

7. The General forum does NOT mean 'anything goes': religion, politics, and sexuality tend to be topics that get people riled up, and self-editing becomes difficult. If you are such a person with very strong passions on these topics, and are concerned that you may break one of the other rules here, please don't start them, or reply to them.

10. Misrepresentation will not be tolerated: This includes creation of multiple accounts for purposes of deception or conflict avoidance

11. Respect the privacy of fellow members: Do NOT post any private communications or contact information

The Marketplace

Individuals who are selling parts that they no longer need, from parting out a vehicle, selling old setups, etc, can carry on as we're all accustomed to from many forums. However, companies or enterprising individuals who have a business, offer a service, or produce parts strictly for the sake of reselling for profit need to be sponsors in order to advertise or sell their wares/services.

Our Supporting Vendors pay a fee to sponsor the forum; in return, they have exclusive rights to advertise here or discuss their goods and services with our members. These fees help cover the cost of the sites operation. However, we also have a commitment to quality. If enough members have a legitimate issue with a vendor, they will be stripped of their supporting vendor status.

1. Offers of commercial goods or services of any kind for a price are considered advertising. Discussion of any kind about your own company/products/services is considered self-promotion. Such advertising/promotion is NOT permitted unless you are a Supporting Vendor sponsor.

2. Members MAY discuss products offered by a Non-Supporting Vendor as a general sharing post only. If, in our judgment, it appears as though you are advertising on behalf of a N/S vendor, your post/thread may be edited or deleted and subject to warning/infraction. The NON-Supporting Vendor may NOT participate in that thread:

a) A member MAY post "I found a great product/service/price from Acme Auto" including details -That is sharing general info based on your personal experience.

b) That member may NOT add to the post "Acme Auto said forum members get a special deal" -OR- "call Joe at 123-4567” or “check out this link and tell them I sent you" -That is promoting/advertising on behalf of the N/S vendor and/or the N/S vendor using you to promote/advertise on their behalf to circumvent vendor rules.

c) Members may NOT promote goods and/or services purchased from a fellow member who is not a Supporting Vendor by naming that member in posts, openly referring other members to him/her, or making statements such as "PM for more info". This will also be considered advertising on behalf of a N/S vendor and/or the N/S vendor using you to advertise on their behalf to circumvent vendor rules.

d) If a member makes multiple posts/threads about a same NSV it will appear he/she is associated with, or advertising for, that vendor and the member will be warned. The line is thin and we will use our judgment as to when that line is being crossed.
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